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HEResource All Babies Need Newborn Screening Poster
HEResource Certain Foods Can Harm Pregnant Women and Their Newborns: Listeria Infection Brochure
HEResource Common Complaints of Pregnancy Fact sheet
HEResource Could It Be Genetic? Fact sheet
HEResource Fish Facts for Good Health Brochure
HEResource Folic Acid: B Aware Handout
HEResource Guidelines for Management of HIV+ Pregnant Women Birthing in Washington State Hospitals: Prenatal Provider Checklist Fact sheet
HEResource Healthy Foods for Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain Handout
HEResource Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy: a Clinician's Tool Fact sheet
HEResource Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy Handout
HEResource If You Take Care of Kids, Protect Them from Flu and Whooping Cough Fact sheet
HEResource Iodine Fact sheet
HEResource Maternal Immunizations Handout
HEResource Oral Health for Pregnant Women Brochure
HEResource Oral Health for Pregnant Women with Frequent Nausea Brochure
HEResource Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Screening and Managing Resources and Referrals Fact sheet
HEResource Prenatal Testing for HIV - If I'm Having a Baby... Card
HEResource Prenatal Testing for HIV - What You Should Know Brochure
HEResource Publications for Health Professionals Working with Pregnant Women Flyer
HEResource Screening and Management of Maternal HIV Infection Booklet
HEResource Steps to Help You Quit Smoking: How Other Moms Have Quit Booklet
HEResource Substance Free for My Baby Handout
HEResource Substance Use Disorders During Pregnancy: Guidelines for Screening and Management Booklet
HEResource Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Booklet
HEResource Weight Gain During Pregnancy in Washington State Fact sheet
HEResource What to Expect When Your Baby Has Withdrawal Handout
HEResource Will I Have a Healthy Baby? Fact sheet
HEResource Women's Health and Pregnancy Washington State Data Fact sheet
HEResource Women's Health Overview Booklet
HEResource Worth the Wait Handout