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Infectious Conditions

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Title or Name Material type
HEResource Chlamydia Booklet
HEResource Chlamydia Card
HEResource Disease Can Be Spread By Birds: Psittacosis Poster
HEResource Flu (Influenza), Information for Parents and Caregivers of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Fact sheet
HEResource Flu and Pregnancy Fact sheet
HEResource Genital Herpes Card
HEResource Genital Herpes Booklet
HEResource Gonorrhea Card
HEResource Got Lucky? Got Anything Else? Get Tested for Chlamydia Poster
HEResource Grandparents: Protect Your Loved Ones Against Flu and Whooping Cough Fact sheet
HEResource Guidelines for Management of HIV+ Pregnant Women Birthing in Washington State Hospitals: Prenatal Provider Checklist Fact sheet
HEResource Healthcare Providers: Protect your patients, your family, and yourself against flu and pertussis. Get the flu and Tdap vaccines! Fact sheet
HEResource How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses and Pillows to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource How to Clean and Disinfect to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource How to Clean and Sanitize the Dishes to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource How to Clean and Sanitize the Kitchen to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource How to Cook Food to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource How to Use Disposable Gloves to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource How to Use Hand Sanitizer to Prevent Illness Poster
HEResource HPV Card
HEResource HPV-HIV Key Points Toolkit
HEResource IAC Vaccinations for Adults with HIV Infection Toolkit
HEResource Influenza in Pregnancy/Postpartum: Information for Obstetric Providers Fact sheet
HEResource Living with MRSA: Learning how to control the spread of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Booklet
HEResource Moving To a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility: What to Expect When You Have MRSA Booklet
HEResource Prenatal Testing for HIV - What You Should Know Brochure
HEResource Protect Your Child from Chickenpox Card
HEResource Pubic Lice Card
HEResource Reptile Rules Card
HEResource Reptile Rules Poster
HEResource Reptile Rules for Employees Poster
HEResource Routine HPV Vaccine Toolkit
HEResource Screening and Management of Maternal HIV Infection Booklet
HEResource Sexually Transmitted Diseases Booklet
HEResource Skin Infections from MRSA Fact sheet
HEResource Stand Together to Protect Us All - Get Immunized Card
HEResource Start the Conversation about HPV Flyer
HEResource Stop: Consider Mumps - Door Sign Flyer
HEResource Syphilis Card
HEResource Teens Need Vaccines Card
HEResource Trichomoniasis Card
HEResource Tuberculosis Skin Testing: Facility Record Card Card
HEResource Tweens Need Vaccines Card
HEResource Washington Immunization Scorecard Handout