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Criteria for Submitting Newsletter Topic Ideas and Articles

Last modified 2013-01-14 15:15
Newsletter articles and topic suggestions should be:
  • Submitted by people on the H.E.R.E. newsletter distribution list. To receive notification of the most current H.E.R.E. newsletter, you must either work in a state or local public health agency, tribe, or partnering organization; or be a student or professor in a college or university program related to public or community health.
  • Written by you or a public health colleague at your organization
  • Three or four paragraphs at most
  • Written in plain talk

We may edit the article's content or length and reserve the right not to publish submitted articles if we feel that they do not meet our criteria.


H.E.R.E. will not publish: 
Submissions that endorse commercial products, advocate for particular ballot measures or political candidates, promote unlawful or discriminatory practices, or conflict with agency policy or messaging.

Nominate a Colleague to Spotlight in the Newsletter

Do you know someone who has made an impact in public health? Nominate them for the Colleague Spotlight article.