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Materials and Events by Subject

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Emotional development, nutrition, physical growth

                    Vaccines, shots

Falls prevention

                    Indoor Air Quality and Mold

Alcohol and Drugs
Prescription pain medication

                    Infectious Conditions
                    Hepatitis, lice, tuberculosis

Animal- and Insect-borne Diseases
Salmonella, west nile virus

                    Injury and Violence
                    Poisoning, safety

Antibiotic Resistance
MRSA, skin infections

                    Mental Health
                    Anxiety, depression

Birth Control and Family Planning
Emergency contraception

                    Community gardens, feeding kids

Chronic Conditions
Asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease

                    Physical Activity
                    Built environment, exercise

Dental and Oral Health
Dental emergencies, fluoride

                    Pregnancy, Infants, Children
                    Breastfeeding, child care

Disabilities and Special Needs
Community resources, managed care

                    Preventive Health
                    Hand washing, immunizations

Drinking Water
Contaminants, water testing

                    Public Health Practice
                    Curricula, newsletters, toolkits

Emergency Preparedness and First Responders
First aid, pandemic flu

                    Hanford, radon

Environment and Sustainability
Climate change, pesticides

                    School Health and Safety
                    Playground safety

Food Safety
Food handling

                    Septic and Solid Waste

Genetics and Newborn Screening
Prenatal testing

                    Shellfish and Fish
                    Harvesting, mercury

Hazardous Materials and Toxic Chemicals
Arsenic, drug labs, lead, mercury, PBDEs

                    Chew, dip, quitting

HIV/AIDS, STDs and Sexual Health
Infections, unintended pregnancy

                    Materials from the WIC program